Durathin Prepless Veneers

No Driling, No Cutting, No Injection

Dr. Shruti Kothari is the only certified dentist www.durathinveneers.com in India for this new smile design procedure.
DURATHIN veneers are very thin porcelain pieces (around 0.2mm thick) that are custom-made to stick straight to the front of teeth without Grinding or Cutting! This means that for some people, we can transform their smile without even drilling on their natural teeth. Once bonded they are incredibly strong!
DURATHIN Veneers are so aesthetically pleasing because they block out undesirable colors, allowing the teeth's natural beauty to shine through.
A brand new product, called DURATHIN, is a type of prepless veneer which eliminates the need to remove any natural tooth structure.
Durathin Prepless Veneers
This new advanced technology is perfect for those who would like to enhance their smiles but do not want to have their natural teeth drilled down in the process.
Just like traditional veneers, DURATHIN Veneers are a custom-made layer of porcelain designed to change the teeth and enhance the smile. The difference is that with these prepless veneers, none of natural enamel is removed. DURATHIN veneers are made through porcelain to go on top of your teeth without doing any drilling or reduction.
In certain cases, very thin porcelain veneers can be designed to adhere directly to the front of teeth with no removal of the enamel!! This means that for some people, we can design the smile of their dreams without even drilling on their natural teeth.
The new DURATHIN are changing the way we approach cosmetic dentistry. This revolutionary technique removes some of the concerns you may have about removing healthy tooth enamel with traditional dental veneers.
The contact lens-like DURATHIN veneers are bonded directly to the tooth in instances where we are trying to increase the size of the teeth or enhance a narrow arch width. Generally speaking, people who have had teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons in the past can be great candidates for this exciting procedure. We have also used this technology or prepless veneers to 'turn back the clock' for people with small or worn teeth, giving them a more youthful smile.
Certain concerns have stopped a lot of people from obtaining the smile they desire. That's because traditionally, veneers have required the removal of natural tooth structure prior to restoring the smile. For that reason, many people have resisted the option of changing their smile.
The DURATHIN procedure is reversible, since the natural teeth are left undisturbed underneath the porcelain veneers. The treatment is done with very little discomfort to you. In fact, in most cases, the procedure can be done without any numbing! Each DURATHIN veneer is custom-designed to specific contours and shades and the extremely thin layer of porcelain is then bonded on top of the natural tooth.
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Durathin Prepless Veneers
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